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Being the personal assistant to one of the most famous rock stars in the world comes with its perks. For Elle Bowman, however, she has yet to see them. Her client comes in the form of the gorgeous, wild and extremely damaged Autumn Anders, renowned for being the meanest woman in show business, and for her all-consuming appetite for the ladies. With Elle's childishly romantic views on love, and Autumn's negative opinion of it, there's an immediate clash of personalities.

One too idealistic and naïve, the other emotionally unavailable, the last thing either of them expects is that they'll learn something from each other. 

The lesson: Beliefs are worth very little when you're in love.

Her Lesson in Love


When you sleep in a separate bed to your husband, it's safe to say that your marriage is in trouble. For Danielle Thomas, her marriage started crumbling a long time ago. But leaving her cheating, disrespectful husband has never crossed her mind.

Until now.

It's the arrival of the beautiful Miss Petal that stirs up the Thomas household. She's Danielle's son's new teacher, she's everything her husband is not, and she comes at the right time. The friendship the two women begin inevitably turns into something more, something wholly problematic.

Soon Danielle will have to decide if she's willing to give up her comfortable, socially acceptable life for the woman who makes her happy.


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A Scarlet Kiss


True love only comes around once in a lifetime...


When thirty-year-old Jenna Lincoln hops on a plane to England, her plan is to spend two months with her boyfriend, Marcus, getting to know his family. She's heard so much about them, particularly his older sister, Scarlett, a woman he's placed on a pedestal.

A chance meeting with Scarlett Rutherford-Manning is enough to convince Jenna that the woman isn't who she appears to be. That, and she's a conniving witch who doesn't think Jenna is good enough for her brother. So Jenna prepares herself for what she's certain will be the vacation from hell.

What she isn't prepared for, however, is her growing attraction to the mysterious woman, and the realization that she might be with the wrong sibling...

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Before You Were Mine


After the intercity bus she's traveling on crashes into a bridge, Abigail wakes up in a hospital in Utah with no memory of who she is.


Unsure of when, or even if, her memory will return, she settles into her new life in Oakwood, where she meets Tiffany, a nurse she befriends while hospitalized.


Abby knows it would be unwise to get involved with someone while her past is still a blur, so she tries to ignore her growing feelings for the beautiful woman. But as the two grow closer, and things get serious between them, Abby is finally ready to put her unknown past to bed...


Which might be a problem for James, her husband of two years. She doesn't remember him, but he certainly remembers her. And when her memory does come back, she'll be forced to choose between her old love and her new one.


Before You Were Mine is a steamy lesbian romance novel set in the 90's.

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