Howdy, folks! On this site you’ll be able to read exclusive shorts to accompany some of your favorite Heidi Lowe stories. Some will be canon (sequel chapters etc.) and others non-canon (the “what-ifs” of the stories). All for free!

Why am I doing this?

For a number of reasons. Firstly, this corona dude is kicking everyone’s butts! I know times are hard for many people, and paying for entertainment is probably the last thing on anyone’s minds. So this is my way of giving back, in a sense.

Secondly, a lot of people have mentioned that they want to know what the characters got up to after the books ended. I’m one of those people, too. So this gives me an opportunity to explore all of that without writing full novels and padding them with extraneous junk.

Thirdly, I love fan fiction! Some of the upcoming non-canon stories will be things I wanted to happen in the books that never would. I’ll mention which ones are canon and which aren’t, don’t worry.

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