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Bliss: Chapter 1

BLURB: Dakota Pierre, now a devoted wife and mother, is living the life she always wanted. But how long will it be before that happiness is disrupted?

Book: Born Again
Canon Sequel
Word Count: 4453 Words
Reading Time:  21 minutes



The rush of lukewarm water against my skin felt amazing. I closed my eyes and let the water consume me, knowing it was only a matter of time before it all came to an end. Because it always did, around the five minute mark. I could almost set my watch by it.

Bang, bang, bang!

Ah, there it was. Right on cue.

Eyes still shut, I felt blindly for the shower valve, then twisted it, bidding farewell to my rare moment of freedom.

Mommy, I hungry,” came the whines from the other side of the bathroom door. Two small voices, not yet able to get the words out properly.

I just had enough time to wrap towels around my body and my hair before I pulled the door open.

I hungry,” the twins declared in unison, looking up at me with big, puppy dog eyes, brown just like their mother’s. They had much of her features — from the dark hair to the thick eyebrows — as though, by some miracle, we’d conceived them together. One of the benefits of choosing Naomi’s relative as a donor. Naomi had been apprehensive at first; but when her cousin, a gay playboy who had no intentions of settling down, said he’d happily help us start our family, we’d both decided on him. She would have loved them no matter what, I was sure of it, but the genetic connection just made our family that much more whole.

I shook my head, beaming from ear to ear as I looked down at my children — my twin blessings, who had been cutting my showers short for the two and a half years since their birth. Five minutes was about as much time as they granted me before they came looking for me, abandoning their favorite children’s TV show.

Can Mommy put some clothes on first?”

My query received resounding, petulant “nos” from the twins, who always seemed to be in-sync with each other, from the things they said to the things they did. I’d read up on twin telepathy whilst pregnant, and had been expecting it, but not at such a young age.

I chuckled to myself, then led the way to the kitchen. They followed at my heel.

What would you like to eat?” I placed them in their matching high chairs in what had become a very small kitchen, now that our family had expanded. The apartment was up for sale, but we’d chosen a terrible time to sell; the financial climate meant that there had been no offers, none that could be taken seriously, anyway. So we were stuck for the time being. Not a major setback, as the twins were still young enough to share a room. But eventually we would need to find a house.

How does oatmeal sound, huh?”

They nodded.

9 thoughts on “Bliss: Chapter 1”

  1. Holy crap! The dad!? THE DAD SHOWED UP!? Oh dear me, here comes some dramaaa…

    Damn Heidi, this was AWESOME. Was totally grinning ear to ear the whole way through. THIS fic is totally what I yearned for after the epilogue. Been wanting the happy ending extended so badly. Finally seeing the aftermath of their life together has my heart doing all kinds of happy flip-flops. Thanks for the feels!

    Also, it’s nice to read some well-written, grammatically correct, ultimately flawless fan fiction! So thanks for that added gift. You must have one hell of a beta team. Very well done, you. Can’t wait for the next chapter. —oh, I personally prefer chapters as their finished opposed to waiting for the whole story. More frequent updates, plus more time to reflect and appreciate what you’ve already written. But that’s just me.

    Brilliant piece once again, Heidi! Thank you VERY much. Please never stop writing 😀

    1. Haha! Yeah, bit of a cliffhanger there.

      Glad you liked the chapter. The family dynamic was something I also couldn’t wait to explore. But you know it wouldn’t be one of my stories if it wasn’t filled with drama 😉

  2. I’ve said this and I say it again you are one of my favorites hands down. Thank you so much for this series continuation. I can’t wait to see what happens next, now that the abusive dad has showed up.

  3. Why would Dove bring their dad unannounced?! Is he being threatened? What about when Naomi and the twins come back? 😳 Just, wow!

    Great work with this chapter! I loved seeing the marital bliss, Dakota navigating being a mom, and battling those nagging fears/struggles with self-worth. The scene at Naomi’s office – so beautiful ♥️

    I prefer you to release the chapters as they’re ready. Thank you for this fantastic chapter!

    1. Glad you liked it! And I’m sure Dove has his reasons 😉

      Yeah, I really enjoyed writing the scenes with Dakota and the kids. I’m a sucker for that sort of thing, lol.

      The consensus seems to be that people want the chapters posted as and when they’re ready, so that’s what it’ll be.

  4. I’m completely intrigued and caught up now. I want..no..need to know what are the dynamics between Dak and her father. Please keep them coming. I can hardly wait!

  5. OMG! I just finished reading this book and it was one of my favorites of yours outside of “Her Lesson to Love” and “A Scarlet Kiss.” I was wondering about the characters Naomi and Dakota and how they fared. I was so happy to stumble upon this. It was nice to see that their love made it and they each saw happiness in their lives. Dakota especially was deserving of a good family, to give her anything less would rob her of what she truly deserved in life. Although my allegiance is to Naomi as my favorite of the two. Everyone needs a Naomi in their lives to love them. I can’t wait to read the other chapters. I hope this trend of yours continues with your other works.

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