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Erica’s Dream

BLURB: Erica keeps having a steamy recurring dream involving one of her old clients. Foolishly, she records everything in her journal, only for Dana to find it…

Book: Service Girl Chronicles
Word Count: 4023 Words
Reading Time:  19 minutes



As the light of a new day permeated through my closed eyes, slowly dragging me from my slumber, I let out a low, choked moan. I was still in that limbo between sleep and consciousness.

When my eyes finally sprang open, I was aware of the contented smile on my lips, the tingling, warm sensation all over my body; the slight throbbing between my legs. My heartbeat raced. For a few brief seconds I lay in bed, blissfully sated.

Then reality hit me. The smile vanished. I sat up with a start.

Oh no, not again!”

I could hear the shower running in the en-suite. I yanked open my bedside table drawer, retrieved my journal and pen, then promptly scribbled down a new entry, shaking my head furiously as I wrote.

The images of the dream were so vivid, every detail clear, as though it had happened before and was a mere memory. But the absurdity of it made me certain it could never have happened, not in this lifetime.

This is bad,” I mumbled, over and over.

I was so engrossed in the writing, frantically trying to get it all down, that I didn’t hear the shower stop and Dana enter the room.

What’s bad, sweetie?”


The journal almost flew out of my hands from the shock. I looked up to see my fiancée, one towel wrapped around her glistening wet body, while she rubbed at her damp brunette locks with another. God, she was beautiful. She seemed to grow more beautiful every day. In her most natural state, sans makeup, I didn’t know how she pulled it off. Forty-five and still the most beautiful woman in the world. And when she smiled at me, her eyes glimmering with love and affection, my heart melted.

It killed me to lie to her.

Uh, my handwriting,” I managed, thinking fast. “It’s really bad.”

Her frown was playful. “I think your handwriting’s lovely.”

I laughed nervously. “Not first thing in the morning.” I snapped the journal shut and returned it to the drawer. “It’s like my motor functions don’t work.”

She laughed, then glided over to me, caught my face with one hand, puckering my lips, then kissed me.

Good morning,” she purred.

I was still mesmerized by her, even now. Smitten, the way I had been the first day we met. I’d taken one look at her and knew I would fall hard. But no one, especially me, would have guessed she’d fall just as hard.

Morning,” I said, recovering from the kiss. “You showered without me,” I said in an accusatory tone, sulking.

You looked so peaceful in your sleep, I didn’t want to wake you.”

I watched her dry herself and dress, and I felt like the biggest piece of crap that ever existed. The kind that sits on dark streets, waiting to be stepped in to ruin your best shoes. My dream was anything but peaceful. Erotic? Yes. Illicit? Definitely.

What time are you meeting Jo?” she asked as she slipped on her underwear. An expensive, ruby, lace number that I was certain I’d never seen before. This wasn’t unusual; it was almost as if she only wore her clothes once before discarding them.

11 thoughts on “Erica’s Dream”

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for setting up this new fiction hub! Amazing idea and damn was ‘Erica’s Dream’ a hott, awesome addition! You are truly a master of this genre. I look forward to every new additional piece of content!

    ‘I wanted to tell her how much I loved her, but now was probably not the right time…’ —bwahahahhaha

    1. Haha, glad you liked it! This was actually something I always wanted to happen in the series, but knew never would (Dana wouldn’t have crossed that line with one of her friends, and Erica, well she would NEVER want to share Dana with anyone, not even Algebra, LOL).

      There’ll be some canon stuff coming, though. After all, they do have a wedding to plan 😉

      1. Totally makes sense. Getting to see cannon vs. non-canon stuff now is a major treat for us readers. I love love LOVE everything you produce, Heidi! Thanks again 😀

      2. I didn’t realize how much I missed them! Thank you SO much for sharing this! I just finished the Beautiful Sin Saga (finally), and after reading this, I’m definitely going to read the Service Girl Chronicles again 😂

        P.S. Born Again was fantastic – one of my top three of your works! I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Dakota and Naomi in this fiction hub next 👀

        1. Haha, I missed them, too!

          Really appreciate the kind words. I’m glad I was able to put this together, and I’m looking forward to bringing more stories to all of you.

          Oh, and the next story I post will indeed be the Born Again sequel. Pretty excited about that. Stay tuned. 🙂

      3. I did like the story, but, didn’t like the idea of Erica and Dana having a three some with Algebra, glad this was a non- canon version of their story.. Their love is so strong and one of a kind, and the thought of them sharing that I don’t know….would love the focus to just be on them planning their wedding and having great sex with each other. Thank you so much for the continuation of their story. You are a gem for doing this..

          1. Again, thank you so much for doing this it is so much appreciated. I can’t wait to read the next stories. I’m reading, Born Again over in the meantime.

  2. Loved it. I’ve been waiting for another book and I suspect that maybe Dana and Alegbra had maybe already slept together in the past. I wanted a threesome between the best friends and Erica. And you did not disappoint. I can not wait to what else you have in store for the Erica & Dana saga but also Jo, Parker and Hazel

  3. Loved the Service Girl Chronicles and I know I am not the target audience. Enjoyed the Erica/Dana/Alebra chapter. I was disappointed with the main story ending how Erica gave up all her dreams to be Dana’s “Trophy Wife” I just felt Erica and Dana would make a great power couple. Overall loved the story and it got me to read more of your works. Currently debating on which one will be next.

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